Nov 5, 2019

Season 1; Episode 3: Dumpster Diving into Season 7

This week we dive head first into the steaming pile of trash that is the Season 7 cast. We tell you who has been arrested, and for what. Also, our Facebook moderator Kelly tells us her own 90 Day The Other Way story from India, and whether or not there was an angry mob involved. Plus, giveaways, and Hetero Life Mate explained.

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Hetero Life Mate origin: Scene from the movie Dogma 


Oct 29, 2019

Season 1; Episode 2: Survive and Advance

In this episode we deliver piping hot tea on one of the fraudiest couples of the Before the 90 Days season. Plus growing pains, shout outs from "The Dump", and Hetero Life Mate tries to understand the 90 Day world. He's sorry about his face.

Oct 22, 2019

Season 1; Episode 1: Telling the Tell All

Season 1; Episode 1: Launching the Talkers of Fraud, we start at the end as we break down The Other Way Tell All: what we saw, what we didn't see, and all the spoilers. Plus, wrapping up Before the 90 Days, digging into some Trashley, and is Maria back on dating sites? Come along while we dumpster dive so you don't have to!